Monday, January 21, 2013

The Elixirs

Okay guys, here's another really bad ass rockabilly band for you!  Introducing The Elixirs!!  I received an e-mail from these guys saying I should check out their album, so guess what?  I did!  Guess what else?  I liked it!  I've reviewed a few rockabilly bands, and I really like them all.  This band is no exception.

Here's the thing though, this band has an admittedly more laid back and less in your face style.  I listened to their whole album, and the transition from song to song is very fluid.  At times I didn't really notice that I was on a different song it flowed together so well! 

The vocalist definitely has a corner on the rebel yell market.  His voice is flawlessly suited for the type of music they do!  The guitar has a very clean distortion and blends very nicely within the band rather than sticking out like a sore thumb!  These guys definitely have something special!!

Having opened for bands like The Kentucky Headhunters, these guys are no strangers to being on the road!  They play all over, and have recently released their first album "Long Gone".  My favorite songs on the album were "Torn Rose", "Cowboy Rot", and "Asshole".  Very clever lyrics :-)

I really enjoyed that this band has such a great and classic sound!  I'm thinking they should be featured on a soundtrack for a Tarantino double feature!  Really great rock n roll that you can easily sit and listen to while you dick around on Facebook, or drink 15 beers and get a little rowdy in the bar jamming out to it!  I love
versatility in my music!  I always have some music playing, but I'm not always jamming it over PA's!  These guys were immediately starred on my Spotify playlist!  I highly recommend you check out their stuff!  Click the links below and see if you find your new favorite song!  Rock on boys!

Dan Tedder: Guitars & Lead Vocals
Dave Huff: Drums
Whitt: Upright Bass & Backing Vocals

You can also find their stuff on YouTube, and can hear their full album for free on Spotify!

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