Saturday, January 19, 2013

Susan Tedeschi

I was beyond thrilled when I got word I had permission to do a write up on this woman!  One of my idols, Susan Tedeschi is a blues artist with amazing talent!  My friend Tim turned me on to her about a year ago.  Since then, you can find me singing her songs regularly!  She has an amazingly soulful voice and a guitar playing style that resonates throughout every song she has ever written.

Very rarely do I find someone who I consider an equal to Janis Joplin, but I really believe she was reincarnated in Susan Tedeschi minus the heroin addiction.  I recently received a copy of her "Live from Austin, TX" album, and it hasn't left my cd player once.  Just a few songs that I highly recommend are "It Hurt So Bad", "Rock Me Right", and "Angel From Montgomery".

She has been playing the blues circuit since the early 90's and proudly promotes six amazing albums.  She has recently abandoned the solo career, however, to join up with her husband forming the Tedeshi Trucks Band.  Equally as amazing and no less impressive, their stuff is definitely worth a listen as well.  In June of 2011, Tedeschi Trucks Band was signed with Sony Masterworks and released their first album "Revelator".

This woman has captured my soul and done a lot to inspire my own musical abilities and for that I am beyond grateful!  She is the pride of Boston, and beloved by her fans.  Although wildly popular in her circles, I really feel that more people need to experience what Susan has to offer to the music industry.  In a time where Nicki Minaj is more well known than someone with real talent I'm sad.  I hate seeing amazing talent get buried by a girl dressed like a clown rapping about not paying her rent so she can party.  Some of you really need a reality check when it comes to what you consider talent.  That being said, here is a TRUE talent.  Very much a gem in the music industry.

You can check her stuff out anywhere.  YouTube, Spotify, iHeartRadio, iTunes, and many more.  I will post a couple links down here, but I highly recommend that you just type her name into google search.  Please, check her out guys!  Well, well, well worth it!

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