Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rose of Jericho

If any of you readers are die hard Rock Band Network users, you have likely heard of these guys.  I purchased one of their songs "Midnight Eyes" by happenstance, and instantly fell in love.  The vocalist (Andrea Russie) immediately caught my attention.  She has a beautiful tone, and flawlessly seams together acoustic piano melody and rock guitar riffs.

A local band out of San Antonio, Rose of Jericho offers up a very unique but equally amazing sound.  Over the last couple of years they've had some pretty big achievements.  On 4/29/12 they were awarded "Best Rock Video" at the Indie Music Channel Awards.  On 11/20/11 Rose of Jericho received "Best Overall Video" in the Texas Music Coalition 2011 Music Video Contest.  I highly recommend you check out their video for Midnight Eyes.  It is very well made, and such a great song!

They were Artist of the month in Sept. 2011 on the Rock Band Network, and have four studio albums!  "Out of the Maze" and "These City Lights" are both available on Spotify and iTunes!!

Guys we're talking about a band that has the making of a seriously epic story!  Thank God for Rock Band, because otherwise I wouldn't have heard songs like this until they were mainstream.  These guys are heading for greatness!

The guitar riffs are equally as amazing as the vocals.  The drums and bass both offer catchy beats and great breakdowns between acoustic and rock portions of their songs.   Every member does their part and it all comes together flawlessly! 

I really hope you take the time to check them out!  They deserve every fan they have and more!  I will never stop bragging about the talent they have.  And just in case any of them read this I have to say, "I play your songs when I DJ and people go nuts!  Also, I'm number 11 on vocals on Rock Band for Signed With Love.......maybe we should duet ;-)"

Thanks for reading, and please, follow the links below to check out some of their stuff.  Also, if you're on Spotify you can check them out by searching "Rose of Jericho"!!  

Vocals: Andrea Russie
Guitars: Matt Rasmussen
Bass: Brad Hartman
Drums: Mon Mercado

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