Sunday, January 20, 2013

Zac Nelson

From the great state of California comes a sound probably unlike anything you have ever heard.  Zac Nelson provided me with music that I'm officially at a loss of words for.  An amazing sound, his stuff put me in a total trance.  I don't really have any way to describe or compare.  This guy's sound is totally unique, and radically wonderful.

In a brief interview with Zac, I asked him to tell me where he found inspiration for his music.  He excitedly started naming performers such Bjork, Blind Melon, Steve Roach, and Charles Ives.  He also said that one very important influence on him was longtime hometown friend, Adam Morton, who introduced him to sound editing with the computer programs Sound Forge and Vegas, which he says he still uses today.

I have to say that I went to high school with Zac.  He was a senior during my freshman year.  I didn't know him very well at all, but I did know (Thanks in part to a talent show that year) that he was an AMAZING drummer.  After high school, he packed up and headed to CA for a while, and headed back to Illinois where he met Monte and Zach.  They started a band called "Princess Sweepstakes", and during that time his eyes were opened to a vast world of new music.  He then discovered that he really liked a lot of ethnic music from around the world.

He plays in a couple bands (Alak and Biosexual), but hasn't played a solo show in a while.  However, the great news is he has a solo album out called "Charbroile" courtesy of Debacle Records out of Seattle.  I listened to the whole thing, and I have to tell you, although unlike anything I've ever heard, it is absolutely amazing!  The track "Good Ole Boy March" was my favorite out of the 11 tracks.  It has a catchy beat, yes, but the lyrics and the way they were placed in the song were pure genius.

You can find his stuff on YouTube.  I'm also going to post a link to the site where you can preview and purchase his album.  The album is a mere $7, and absolutely worth the buy!  Leave me some comments and let me know what you think of his stuff!  Very different, but very very very genius!  Keep it up, Zac!  You've definitely got one die hard fan in me!!  Kudos!

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