Monday, January 28, 2013

LeRoy Bell

Okay, first, I would like for you to take a long look at this picture.  Can you believe this guy is 61 years old?  I know the first time I saw him, I was in total shock.  LeRoy Bell is an amazing singer/songwriter from Seattle, Washington.  Some of you may recall seeing him on the first season of The X Factor.  He was eliminated in the final 8, but stood out to me.  I was very excited to see that, although he didn't win, he went on to make an album.  What I didn't know about this guy is the reason I'm writing about him.

LeRoy has been in and around the music industry since 1978.  In and out of a couple different bands, I found out that he has had some major accomplishments that have gone completely unnoticed by the general public.  As amazing a performer he is, he is a very accomplished song writer.  More so for other people than himself, allow me to give you a list of people he has written for.

1.  The Spinners
2.  The Ojays
3.  The Temptations
4.  Rita Marley
5.  Gladys Knight & The Pips
6.  Freda Payne
7.  The Three Degrees
8.  Elton John
9.  Teddy Pendegrass
10. Lou Rawls
11. Jeniffer Lopez

There are others as well.  Not only has he written songs for these artists, but all of them have been recorded.  How have I not heard this name before X Factor?!  There are some impressive names on that list.  I know that shows like this have a tendency to generate crap music because of the demographic they target, but I have always watched.  I find myself much more fascinated with the ones who don't win, because they usually have the most talent.  Think about it next time you're watching one!  You can easily find a list of artists and songs that he has written.  It's a very interesting read, just Google it!

Before the X Factor, Leroy recorded four EP's.  Since going solo in the 2000's he has released another four.  My favorite of the four is "A Change is Coming" from 2008.  The title track "A Change is Coming" reminds me sound wise of Marc Cohn.  Vocally, there are some similarities there.  The lyrics LeRoy writes are absolutely beautiful.

LeRoy also has spent time working with the project United in Song.  Several other artists including Michael Franti, contributed to this album.  It's definitely a noteworthy cause.  If you haven't heard of it, do a quick Google search!

I'm amazed by the talent this man has, not to mention he seems to have swam in the fountain of youth.  His music is beautifully written, and expertly performed.  He has a beautiful, soulful voice that is almost haunting in nature.  Not one to do many upbeat tracks, he's definitely an "easy listening" type of find.  Definitely hot date material!

You can find him all over.  Spotify, iHeart Radio, YouTube, Myspace, Facebook.  Don't hesitate to check him out!  As always, follow the links and maybe hit me with a comment.  I'm always curious to see if you like the artists I post or not.  Thanks for reading!!

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