Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Brink of Sanity

Influenced by the likes of Miss May I, Lamb of God, and Dying Fetus, The Brink of Sanity is making their presence known.  Hailing from Myrtle Beach, SC, this metal band formed in 2010, adding a couple members in 2011. 

Their song "With Clarity Comes Psychotic Jealousy" reminds me a lot of Dethklok.  The vocals are different.  Each song has two different sets of vocals.  One being the low, growling, demonic sound, and the other is shatter the glass screaming.  They have on EP out called "Contaminate of Reason" (great name, guys) that is a really good listen.

I'm most impressed by the music. The vocals are great as well, but when blended with the talent of the guitar, bass, and drums it comes together to form something well blended. The double pedal drumming is absolutely wicked.  No doubt in my mind you could see these guys on stage with the likes of Mudvayne before too long.  I found a quote about them that's quite fitting.

"I say keep with what style you have, because it takes a minute to learn breakdowns, but what you guys play it takes talent."   - Kevin Zeigler, KT Magazine

I have to say that I agree.  Although metal is somewhat of a touch and go genre for me, when I find a metal band that I like, I stick to them.  Along with Bodybag, Otep, Lamb of God, Cradle of Filth, and Suicide Silence I have added The Brink of Sanity to my metal playlist, and if you're a massive metal head, you should too!  Follow the links and check them out!

Steve Duvall - Lead Vocals
Ryan Shaver - Guitars
Aaron Gruber - Drums/Percussion/Vocals
Wes Deloach - Guitars

You can also find their stuff on Spotify,, and Google Play

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